Prices are reasonable and negotiable depending on length , instrumentation and number of titles you wish to order. And your music arrangements and transcriptions are guaranteed for LIFE. So, if at any time you want to change the music’s length, ending, instrumentation or other element, just provide your particulars for a brand new version of your material – at no extra charge. 


Unlike many musical arrangers, he has all of the resources necessary to deliver any type of musical arrangement or transcription. Each music piece will be unique to you – with the key, instrumentation, intro and ending, and bows music you want, if that’s what you need. Your arrangement will include PDF copies for your files and an MP3 for your personal rehearsal.


  • Standard Package:                                                         US$300.00 Each

        Includes 1x arrangement


  • Silver Package                                                                  US$280.00 Each      Between 2x to 4x arrangments


  • Gold Package                                                                    US$260.00 Each

        Between 4x to 8 arrangments



Emergency Service

Go to the front of que, you have got a Gig           Please add US$150.00 per arrangment      

with a band and discover your music

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