Cruise lines employ  a wide variety of musical acts.


The various companies have different sized bands to accompany their shows - a core rhythm section consisting of piano, bass, drums, and optional guitar and second keyboard, and a horn section that can be anywhere from one saxophone up to six horns.


In any event, if you use the band you will be expected to provide  clean, accurate music for the various instruments.

Rehearsal will take place on the same stage as your performance, but due to other activities in the same venue, your rehearsal time will be limited. So your music must be concise and easy to interperet.


With that in mind here is what you can expect from your arrangements:




So a few words of advice:


Always get your agency to try and find out the the exact instruments you will be playing with, so that your repertoire & sheet music caters for that.


You will be required to play 1 or 2  45 minute sets. Each set different and played at different times.


Band instrumentation can very greatly, so your arrangements should be flexible.


Rehearsal time is precious! SO your arrangements should be clear and accurate.


I have seen:


  • Sheet music presented to the ship’s band ranging in many cases as unusable or requiring a make over. 

  • Shows cancelled because of poor notation.

  • Bands where the musicians are of varying levels of musicianship.


The thing to bear in mind is that rehearsal time is limited, with other activities scheduled for the same room. So your music needs to be concise and clear, to expedite your rehearsal.



This is where My Services Come In


I can transcribe your music into highly efficient, easily readable notation playable by any reasonable players, to make your cruise experience memorable, hassle-free and worthy of your, and the Cruise ship management expectations.


Get the band through your repertoire with ease and you will be guaranteed a show with more feeling and less hassle.


The musicians will have greater respect for you, and will be more likely to give a higher quality performance.


Two examples of where my services are a life Saver:


  - A performer has been working with recorded tracks, until they come to a situation where it is required to “use the band.” I can work from your tracks to create music parts for live performance that will recreate your tracks, so you can perform in the comfort of what is familiar  to you.


- A performer has been working with a small combo, until the job has a band with a brass section. I can arrange the  brass parts you need. You don't need to know anything about brass, I will arrange the parts for you, from your present material. You tell me how want the brass to be, punchy & dynamic or laid back and mixed down, no problem I will arrange accordingly.


  • A prelinary test with lead sheet and mp-3 for approval


  • Clear parts that are easily read by the average musician


  • Parts to accomodate the various sized ensembles


  • An unconditional guarantee that your arrangement is exactly as you want it, including alterations